The Different Kinds of Decorative Boxes

The thing about these decorative boxes is its uses, whether using it as an accent for your décor at home and office or maybe for that special friend that deserved such a delightful and memorable item. These items can also be used as storage for tiny items such as jewelry. There are boxes can be also used as packaging promotion, privately and commercially. These items have an artistic design to attract the eye of the recipient or decoration at home or office.

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Kinds of Decorative Boxes

  • Gift Box – are usually made from hard cardboard, wrapped with a decorative paper, cloth or paint. With various sizes, design and color. These are great for gift giving or as packaging for gift.
  • Treasure Chest Box – has various sizes and designs that are made from hard wood, used as a decoration and storage.
  • Cigar Box – small box made from wood and glass, used to store a few expensive cigars.
  • Countertop Display Humidor – a large box made from fine wood and glass. These are used as storage for expensive cigars with a capacity of a hundred cigars.
  • Coffee box – originally used to store coffee in the early centuries. Made from clear glass with brass trim, finial and feet. This item has a removable lid.
  • Caviar Box – antique bronze finish with caviar detail.
  • Magic Drawer – this is a fun gift item for giving money. The puzzle drawer is quite difficult to open and return to its original position.
  • Pivoting Storage Box –made from hard wood with magnet as locking mechanism and has felt lining storage. Used to store trinket, jewelry or photographs.
  • Bottle Box – are great for storing two bottle of wine and adds a decoration to your home or office.
  • Mirrored Box – made from numerous mirrored glasses with polished edges.
  • Egg Box – with elegant design, egg shaped container and Swarovski crystal. Some of these are made from gold.
  • Book Box – made from wood and wrap with book cover. Designed to look like a book with storage used to store small items.

 Elegant Gift Boxes with Lids

These are just some of the decorative boxes that might suit your needs and curiosity. These are great ideas for gift for your boss or special someone and maybe quite expensive. There is always a choice of the cheaper ones like the gift boxes with lids and magic drawer. Some of these boxes can be used to store a lot of your treasured items, clothing, or hat and kept in an open cabinet.